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Strategy Workshop Facilitation for Startups Kayvan Moghaddassi
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Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity

“Everything has changed. Now what?”

Your market is shifting rapidly. Inflation. Layoffs. Recession. Uncertainty. What worked last year will not work this year. Have you responded, or are you struggling to keep up?

In times like these, companies who respond quickly don’t just survive. They thrive. But you need to get your team rowing in the same direction, and fast.

Make the most of your new opportunities with a Facilitated Workshop.

Guided Workshops for Proactive Teams

When your next step is mission-critical, don’t leave the decision up to the loudest voice in the room.

Unlock your full team with a guided, strategic workshop.

An expert facilitator to guide your team to the right solution and best course of action.

Make your team more comfortable, prepared, and confident to take that crucial next step.

Benefits of Facilitated Workshops:

Stop Wasteful, Unproductive Meetings

In the United States, over 70% of meetings are unproductive.

This isn’t just costing you money, but precious time you could be using to execute on your new strategy.

To make matters worse, most meetings are dominated by the loudest or most senior person. Politics and sidebars derail productive conversation.

The result? Decisions are tabled and your company spins its wheels for another week. 

Problems with Traditional Meetings:

Let's Work Together

With just one well designed and facilitated workshop, your team will accomplish more than it has in weeks of traditional meetings. Here are some of our most popular workshops:



Prepare your company to survive and thrive in the next 12-24 months. This workshop will help your team build a winning strategy for these uncertain times.

Internal Meeting

Strategy Alignment

Set clear goals for the future and a concrete plan to achieve them. Get your entire team finally rowing in the same direction.

Creative Idea

Built to Launch

Starting something new? Launch your new product, business unit, or company with confidence and momentum.


Team Alignment

The right people in the right roles. A complete audit of the talent in your team with fully mapped responsibilities and gaps identified.

Kayvan Moghaddassi, business consultant and strategist

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