About me

Hi! I’m Kayvan.

Born and raised in London, I’m a 3x Founder, a creative, a strategist and certified AJ&Smart Master Workshop Facilitator. I’m a husband & father of two, now living in the US.

Having studied music at university, I set up my first business at the age of 22, after several entrepreneurial dabblings in my teens. Over 17 years that business grew from a two-man operation to a multi-million pound operation spanning two continents. 

After exiting that business in 2020, I’ve been involved in a number of different ventures and startups. Consulting, advising, strategising and creating.

I have a varied background in a whole host of different disciplines – ranging from audio production to web development, team building to finance, goal setting to growth strategy, advertising and marketing, all with a creative and problem solving attitude.

Now I’m in the position where I am able to use my years of experience to help founders and SMBs solve problems in their businesses and fast track their way to success.

Kayvan Moghaddassi, Business Consultant and strategist
Kayvan Moghaddassi, business consultant and strategist

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