Kayvan Moghaddassi

About Me

Hello! I’m Kayvan.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of London, I sharpened my entrepreneurial teeth across various endeavors, starting way back in my teens.

I navigated the world of start-ups, founded and bootstrapped multiple successful companies in the worlds of audio, advertising, music, and digital, transforming them from fledgling operations to flourishing enterprises.

Following my exit from a multi-million-pound business in 2020, which had offices on two continents, I focused on consulting and moved with my family to Dallas, Texas.

My passion now lies in helping others on their entrepreneurial journeys – advising, strategizing and growing vibrant businesses and startups, helping to weave together their innovation, operations, and strategy.

My approach is collaborative, and results driven. 

I put my vast experiences and tested frameworks to work, guiding you to your success.

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