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Transforming business strategy, operations and team culture with battle-tested frameworks, leadership coaching and collaborative strategy sessions.

Kayvan Moghaddaassi,
What I do

I work with conscious founders and leaders to help them reach new heights

I am an experienced operator and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience. I scaled my own company from zero to a multi-million dollar operation with 60+ staff, with offices in London and NYC.

Now working as a consultant, strategist, and facilitator, my work revolves around delivering results through my own original frameworks for success, with collaboration and inclusivity at the core.

An experienced leader, here to help you navigate the growth of your business.


In many instances, proven frameworks already exist to solve the challenges you are facing. I'll present a framework to you, provide training for you on how to use the framework, help you implement it, and provide training for your team too.

Facilitated Workshops & Strategy Sessions

Nothing can galvanize a team as much as building a winning strategy together. I design and facilitate custom workshops to allow organizations & teams to explore a problem and collaboratively come up with ideas, innovate, solve a problem, build a strategy, and make a decision together. 

1-2-1 coaching

Ongoing support or mentoring for you or any of your team. Often as a follow up to some of the initial work we do, I can provide 1-2-1 coaching on calls, in-person face to face meetings and regular check-ins.


What my clients say

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