Problem-solving and Innovation

Solve business problems and build winning strategies with your team.

Empower your team to solve problems together.

Create an open, innovative collaboration culture that gives everyone a voice.

For too long, problem solving and strategy in business have been left to leadership.

Those in leadership roles have certainly honed these skills over time. But the notion that decision-making and problem-solving can only be done in the boardroom is stale, outdated, and often damaging. Leaders feel burnt out, always needing to come up with the answers, while team members feel disengaged and disconnected.

Both of these issues can be addressed with a simple change.

"Kayvan ran a number of workshops for us where we worked through a wide range of creative ideas before arriving at solutions that are both powerful and practical. "

Keith Bayley

Senior Producer, The Futz Butler


Open the door to collaborative success

Inviting your team to help solve a problem with you can have profound effects.

Simply by inviting a diverse range of thoughts and perspectives, new insights can be rapidly brought to the table. New ideas can be sparked. Root problems can be surfaced and tackled as a group.

All this can be done while allowing leadership to focus on participation, not leading the process.

Most importantly, a team that solves a problem together will naturally take ownership of the solution too.

How it works

Impactful sessions with clearly defined outcomes

Navigating Challenges

Problem Solving

Embrace challenges as opportunities. Harness the collective insight of your team to develop effective, innovative solution, to transform obstacles into stepping stones to success.
Creating Alignment

Decision Making

Working as a team to explore and weigh up a number of options on the table. Collectively choose the best route forward without giving way to bias.
Cultivating Creativity

Ideation & Innovation

Unleash the imaginative power of your team with structured ideation and innovation sessions. Turn sparks of creativity into winning ideas that fuel growth and keep you ahead of the curve.
Blueprinting Success

Project Planning

Streamline your path to success with effective project planning, allowing you to anticipate challenges, allocate resources wisely, and set clear, attainable goals. Let's transition from lofty ideas to practical, actionable roadmaps.
Learning Forward

Project Retrospectives

Turn every project into a stepping stone towards improvement. Surface valuable learnings and insights, allowing you to celebrate successes and transform challenges into future growth opportunities.
Inspiring Transformation

Leadership Offsites & Retreats

Immerse your leadership team in a focused group strategy session, away from the day to day of the office. Energize your leadership team, strengthen bonds and spark innovative approaches achieving your collective goals.

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