Business consulting; advice, support and structure for founders.

I use custom frameworks, 1-2-1 consulting and action-defining workshops that rapidly deliver alignment and strategies for sustainable growth.

Business strategy & team collaboration

Why hire a Business Consultant?

Running a small or midsized business is tough.

The constantly evolving list of tasks and responsibilities become overwhelming at times, meaning it’s almost impossible to to do it all yourself. And what about if you’re looking to improve things and grow your business too? You know things need to be done differently, or better, but you don’t have the bandwidth to become an expert in solving every problem you encounter.

That’s where bringing in an experienced Business Consultant can be a game-changing decision.

But not all Business Consultants are the same.

Finding the right person to work with is crucial, because your business is unique. But many Business Consultants have never run their own business and experienced the pressures and problems that you face. Working with someone who has been in your shoes before, who has already gained that experience and solved that problem before, can help fast track you to success.

And if you’re a business owner it’s likely that working with the right Business Consultant will give you a whole new set of skills to take your business forward for years to come.


Areas I can help you and your business with.

  • Strategic planning
  • Identifying problems
  • Growth & expansion
  • Goal setting 
  • Marketing strategy & implementation
  • Digital marketing & advertising
  • Team restructuring
  • Recruitment planning
  • Interview techniques 
  • Leadership
  • Forecasting
  • Systems auditing
  • Internal comms
  • People management
  • Project management
  • Innovation
Kayvan Moghaddassi, business consultant and strategist

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