Empowering leaders through collaborative innovation and actionable strategy.


Welcome to a unique and powerful alliance of business leaders seeking not just collaboration, but immediate action and innovative resolutions to their business challenges.

Peer group solving problems together

The Peer Group is a collective of leaders who meet once a month to help each other problem-solve, innovate and elevate their businesses.

By joining our select group, you will have the profound opportunity to engage with a close-knit community of like-minded individuals, collectively overcoming obstacles and fostering growth.

Each session is expertly guided by business strategist and facilitator Kayvan Moghaddassi, offering a structured, result-oriented approach that ensures your business queries never go unanswered.

Add to the mix the knowledge imparted by expert guest speakers, and you’ve got a powerful catalyst for your company’s innovation and growth.

Memberships will result in the strengthening of relationships, expansion of your resources, and a more in-depth grasp of the business landscape.

Embrace a new level of strategic collaboration with us, and watch your business transform.

Who is this for?

We are looking for dynamic leaders who:

  • Own their own company.
  • Have 10+ employees and/or more than $5M in sales.
  • Are reliable and can commit the time.
  • Are passionate about growth and innovation.
  • Can bring valuable contributions to the group.

How does it work?

  • Once a month, the group will meet for a full day of learning and collaboration.
  • Each month, a different member will host.
  • The group will perform a check-in, giving everyone a chance to update the group on their current status quo.
  • The group will work together to help one of the members explore and solve a specific problem.
  • Every quarter, the session will include a guest speaker.
  • The group will have the opportunity to collectively decide which area of learning they would like to dedicate their resources toward, eg for a speaker or a group training session from an expert.

What this is not.

  • This is not a referral network.
    • Members are welcome to make referrals and introductions to each other, but this is not a requirement of the group.
  • This is not a networking group.
    • We want you to build deep and meaningful connections with other members in your peer group, but do not expect to regularly meet new people through the group itself.
Interested in joining?

Applications to join the group are now open

We are currently welcoming applications for members to join our founding group in the the DFW area. 

Spaces are limited to 12 members, and sessions will begin in Q3 2024.

"I have been secretly using Kayvan to ideate with and fill this hole in my heart when it dawned on me that he would be the PERFECT person to facilitate a group like this for us"

Sheneka Rains

Managing Partner, Emeritus

Kayvan Moghaddassi

About the Facilitator

Hi, I’m Kayvan.

I’m bringing this group together to create something special.

Back when I was running an agency in London, I was also part of a peer group. Around twelve other leaders, from a diverse range of backgrounds and sectors. I found the opportunity to tap into the collective experience of these people to be one of the most powerful and enlightening experiences I had as a business owner.

Now I’m looking to recreate that group here in DFW, for a vibrant new community, but I’m adding something extra.

In my work as a business strategist and facilitator, I am frequently tasked with helping a group of people collaboratively solve a problem together. I’m bringing this approach, these skills, and these frameworks to this new peer group. 

What could be more powerful for your business than getting access to a room full of advisors, paired up with some of the most effective collaboration tools around, and an expert facilitator to guide you through the process?

The value and the expertise is created by the exceptional minds in the room, for the people in the room.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to add to this group, I’d love to hear from you.

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Apply to join

We can’t wait to hear what you’ll bring to the group.