Kayvan Moghaddassi, business consultant and strategist
Hi, I'm Kayvan!

Build a winning strategy with your team.

Empower your team by solving business problems together. Powerful collaboration & innovation workshops provide an inclusive, results-driven solution that boosts productivity, drives innovation, and enhances teamwork.

Business strategy & team collaboration

“You’ve brought your own unique business experience of running a global creative company to The Futz Butler.”

Keith Bayley

Senior Producer, The Futz Butler

“The way he lead the workshops was very engaging, interactive, fair and allowed us to simplify our thoughts.”

Adam Graham

Founder, BD Matters

“I would not hesitate to recommend Kayvan as a Business Strategy Consultant.”

Victoria Olsina

SEO Speaker & Consultant
Kayvan Moghaddassi, Business Consultant and strategist

About me

I’m an experienced entrepreneur, leader and now business consultant, in equal parts strategic, creative, and technical.

After 17 years of growing and running my own businesses, I have turned my hand to helping others grow theirs whilst avoiding the time consuming and painful learnings I had to figure out the hard way.

Effective business management can be tough for startups and founders to get right. In many cases business owners started their venture to put their already honed and unique skills on offer to the world, yet had little or no formal training in how to run and scale a business effectively.

I’ve developed a range of frameworks to help startups and scale-ups to rapidly plan and take control of the component parts of their business, giving them clarity and structure moving forwards and thus winning back their time to focus on the things they do best.

Not only do I help with your business strategy, I put big a focus on getting your team involved with problem solving. 

Team collaboration is key to giving everyone ownership of solutions – then you can all share in your successes too.

How I can help

I love helping solve problems for my clients. 

If you’re running into an issue that’s holding your business back, then being able to rely on expert advice from someone who has been in your position themselves can bring about the rapid improvements and solutions you need.

Get In Touch!

The easiest way to get in touch is to book a free consultation call with me, but if you’d rather send me a message then feel free to fill in the form below.